Why is My Furnace Leaking Water in Pinellas Park, FL?

Water Heater

Your efficient furnace discharges exhaust gases that lead to the formation of condensation. Often, your furnace will have water leaks when the condensation fails to drain as it should. Read on to learn more about why your furnace is leaking water in your Pinellas Park, FL, home.

Clogged Air Return

A blocked air return is one reason your furnace could leak water in your home. A furnace installed inside the wall can have air ducts leading from the heating system to the outside of your home.

The ductwork can clog with contaminants that prevent the air flowing through the system from getting filtered before re-entering your house. As a result, your furnace may begin overheating, which may signal that you have a leak.

Blocked Vent Pipes

Clogged vent pipes leading directly outdoors can also cause your furnace to leak water in your home. It’d help to understand how your furnace is venting outside your house to allow easy inspection for potential blockages causing leakages. Our professionals can provide the necessary maintenance services and prevent your furnace from leaking water.

Blocked Drain Lines

Drain pipes connect your furnace and septic tank. When these pipes clog, you’ll notice increased amounts of water inside and around your heating system. We can inspect your drain lines for blockages and sweep out any foreign materials causing the problem.

Damaged Heat Exchanger

A heat exchanger in your furnace helps to transfer heat to the air ducts and eventually throughout your home. If your heat exchanger has a crack, you’ll experience a condensation leak. If the damage is too much, you may need a complete furnace replacement.

Leaky Inducer Assembly

As condensation trickles down the flue pipe via the condensate drain hose, it enters the inducer assembly. Unfortunately, the inducer assembly might have cracks that’ll cause water to leak out of your furnace.

Contact Viking Air for heating installation and repair services in Pinellas Park, FL. We’ll ensure your home stays warm when it’s chilly outside during the winter months.

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